Many, many years ago, before I became A Serious Runner (snicker), I had an extra 30 pounds or so that had somehow made its way to my rear end. I ended up losing that weight with Weight Watchers, becoming a Lifetime Member, which pretty much means that you can go to meetings and use their online tools for free – as long as you come in every month and get weighed. I kept it up for a really long time…. Read more »

I’m in the thick of marathon training, so naturally, my hunger has gone through the roof. And, not so concidentally – so has my weight. OK, it hasn’t gone “through the roof,” but I’ve packed on an extra 5 pounds or so. And with the big race coming up pretty soon, I knew that weight would weigh me down and possibly slow down my finish time. I’m not realistically aiming for a BQ or anything, but I do want to… Read more »