Yes. It’s been forever since I posted. And I really don’t have a good excuse, especially since I completed one of my biggest running goals to date – finishing a marathon. I finished in 4 hours 37 minutes – pretty good, considering I got rained on three times and looked like a drowned rat by the time it was over. Oh, and I puked on the DART afterward. Good times. On to bigger and better things. Since I apparently cannot… Read more »

Some races are so unbelievably kickass and you walk away feeling like some kind of superhero. (For me, that was the Texas Half.) Some races are terrible and you leave vowing to never run again. (See: the Fairview Half.) Others are kind of a wash. And that’s how I would characterize this weekend’s Allen Eagle Run. Last year I got second place in my age group and took home a trophy, so I was looking forward to a two-fer. The… Read more »

I struggle with my running pace. It is probably one of the single biggest obstacles for me. I haven’t really thought about pace in a long time, since it’s been many months since I’ve participated in a formal race. But it popped to the forefront of my consciousness this week, when I decided to turn my normal training run into a dress rehearsal for this weekend’s Allen Eagle Run. I was going at a steady 8:35 pace when I slowed… Read more »