I don’t remember what motivated me to start growing 150 pansies from seed. Oh, wait, yes, I do. Several months ago, as the summer temps were just beginning to heat up, I saw a packet of pansy seeds on clearance at Walgreens for, like, 30 cents. I bought them and, for some strange reason, stuck them in the console of my car, where they cooked for a good 6 months. Then it got to be August and I started thinking,… Read more »

So, I am on Pinterest. I’m not an influential pinner or anything like that, but I do have this one pin that, as of today, has been repinned 2,853 times. It will go dormant for a while, and then someone will dig it up and it’ll get repinned for a few days. It’s in the middle of one of those “revivals” right now. And every time I see the email notification telling me “Your pin has been repinned!”, I have… Read more »