These kiddos went back to school this week, in the second and fourth grades.       Hard to believe that they looked like this, like, yesterday. So much happening on the running front! Spending lots of time running with Lifetime Run and Cooper Fitness: And then, this happened a couple of weeks ago – a weekly mileage PR: No major injuries this season; everything looks to be on track for Houston. In other news, I’m pacing the wonderful Showdown Half… Read more »

So, I ran the Raider Run 5K in Wylie two weekends ago. I didn’t write about it right away, because I am still a little miffed at how things turned out. This was to be a time trial – a test to see whether I’ll be able to make the time goal that I’ve set for myself for the Allen Eagle 5K. So, the race is tiny, but the people in charge seemed to be on top of things, so… Read more »

Many, many years ago, before I became A Serious Runner (snicker), I had an extra 30 pounds or so that had somehow made its way to my rear end. I ended up losing that weight with Weight Watchers, becoming a Lifetime Member, which pretty much means that you can go to meetings and use their online tools for free – as long as you come in every month and get weighed. I kept it up for a really long time…. Read more »

Yes. It’s been forever since I posted. And I really don’t have a good excuse, especially since I completed one of my biggest running goals to date – finishing a marathon. I finished in 4 hours 37 minutes – pretty good, considering I got rained on three times and looked like a drowned rat by the time it was over. Oh, and I puked on the DART afterward. Good times. On to bigger and better things. Since I apparently cannot… Read more »

It snowed in Texas last night. Behold: Yes, this is what passes for snowfall in Texas. In December, anyway. I love the cold weather, so while everyone else around town was groaning and shivering and massaging their frozen joints – I decided to go out running! It was pretty much just me, one (badass) lady out walking, and several patches of barely frozen ice, which I artfully avoided. Didn’t take any pics, but I looked pretty much the same as… Read more »

I’m in the thick of marathon training, so naturally, my hunger has gone through the roof. And, not so concidentally – so has my weight. OK, it hasn’t gone “through the roof,” but I’ve packed on an extra 5 pounds or so. And with the big race coming up pretty soon, I knew that weight would weigh me down and possibly slow down my finish time. I’m not realistically aiming for a BQ or anything, but I do want to… Read more »

Yes, I’m still running. Yes, I’m still training for a marathon. That’s why I haven’t updated in a while. But first, I wanted to share my newfound love for a product I recently discovered. The folks at Sunology Sunscreen were nice enough to send me some of their product to check out. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that if you’re a runner in Texas, you have to wear some kind of sun protection or you’ll end up… Read more »

These past few weeks have just seemed like one big, long to-do list. Patrick is in third grade now and we can’t slack on homework any more, plus I’ve been on a project binge of sorts. I abruptly decided one day that I absolutely could NOT live without some sort of fall decoration on my door, so I spent my spare hours last week making this: Then I looked at the chair that I keep over in the corner near… Read more »

So, for my birthday this past January, my husband bought me a pair of wireless earbuds for my birthday. Now, these were Very Expensive earbuds … we’re talking over $100. But, you know, it was my birthday, so I figured it was a nice splurge. And I really enjoyed these earbuds. Until they started to break. First one of the speakers came detached from the unit. Then the button to connect the unit with the phone didn’t work. And so… Read more »

It’s been quite a day. On Friday night, I asked – no, demanded – that my husband and I get in bed by 10:30 p.m., because I had a long run to do in the morning and I was determined to be done before the sun started blazing down at 8:30 a.m. (He’s a stay-up-late kind of guy, and I find it hard to fall asleep if I know he’s going to be in a couple of hours later, making… Read more »