These kiddos went back to school this week, in the second and fourth grades.       Hard to believe that they looked like this, like, yesterday. So much happening on the running front! Spending lots of time running with Lifetime Run and Cooper Fitness: And then, this happened a couple of weeks ago – a weekly mileage PR: No major injuries this season; everything looks to be on track for Houston. In other news, I’m pacing the wonderful Showdown Half… Read more »

Today I was helping the boys get ready for school when I took notice of just how big and handsome they are. I had to drop everything and get some pics. I can’t believe these are the babies that I brought home just a few short years ago.  

Yep, I’m a blog slacker. But I have a good reason! I took the aforementioned trip to Albuquerque, and then took a trip to Colorado, which you can read about on my other blog, and then took a brief break back in Texas, during which I experienced some major ugliness courtesy of county party politics. The day after that ugliness, I headed out to Alabama to spend time in my hometown. I added it up and figured out that I’ve… Read more »

I’m a bad blog updater. So I’ll keep it pithy: On May 17, I participated in the Lovejoy Country Run. Didn’t place, but I did manage to set a PR, besting my time in the 2013 Allen Eagle Run by 11 seconds:   I’ve also been keeping busy with the kids, who are finishing up their last week of school. We had field day on Friday:                       And, VACATION! I’ll… Read more »

I will say, first thing, that I did not have high hopes for my performance at the Trek the Trails 5K in McKinney this past weekend. Some kind of head cold had dragged me down and I had not run for about 4 days when race day rolled around. I still had a good bit of congestion and just was not feeling on top of my game. But, like a good runner (who had paid her entry fee!), I made… Read more »

By all accounts, I should have been on my couch recovering from the primary yesterday. Instead, I was at the Dallas Zoo helping to chaperone the school’s second-grade trip. While slightly less stressful than last fall’s kindergarten field trip to the pumpkin patch, this outing presented a challenge, as we were apparently supposed to make the trip “educational.” This “education” consisted of having the kids sketch out some of the animals that they saw on the trip, along with a… Read more »