It snowed in Texas last night. Behold:

Yes, this is what passes for snowfall in Texas. In December, anyway. I love the cold weather, so while everyone else around town was groaning and shivering and massaging their frozen joints – I decided to go out running! It was pretty much just me, one (badass) lady out walking, and several patches of barely frozen ice, which I artfully avoided. Didn’t take any pics, but I looked pretty much the same as I did in this photo, taken last week. (Edited to spare you the view of unmentionables that, for some reason, are always hanging beside the shower.)

 photo coldweatherrunning_zps1f7ab1ae.jpg

Holiday festivities begin at the end of this week with a trip out of town and a little visit to the ass kicking of the year the Iron Bowl. Roll Tide!

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