Yes, I’m still running. Yes, I’m still training for a marathon. That’s why I haven’t updated in a while. But first, I wanted to share my newfound love for a product I recently discovered. The folks at Sunology Sunscreen were nice enough to send me some of their product to check out. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that if you’re a runner in Texas, you have to wear some kind of sun protection or you’ll end up a) with skin cancer or b) extremely uncomfortable. So let’s check it out:

The product they sent me was in a little individual packet – great for carrying along on a run, but it usually comes in a squeeze tube, as seen below. For purposes of this review, I used the SPF 50 Body formula.











The formula is fragrance-free, which I really like. I can’t stand having smelly sunscreens because it always seems like the scent doesn’t entirely go away after showering, and just blah. So that was a plus. The sunscreen is also all-natural and uses titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to protect your skin – another bonus.

I used the sunscreen recently when I went out for a run on a cool but sunny day. The first thing I noticed when I put it on was that it was THICK. It felt more like glue than like lotion, and the texture was a little different than regular formulas, sort of grainy. It also gave me that white “ghost face” look, but I didn’t mind. I took a pic of said ghost face, but it’s hard to see here.
 photo 57CB1064_zpsdb92c077.jpg


I think I did somewhere in the realm of 8 miles on the day I tried out the sunscreen. I did notice during my run that my sweat wasn’t running into my eyes as much. I reached up to my forehead at one point and noticed that the sunscreen had kind of mixed with the sweat and formed a kind of goo, probably because of how thick it was. It sounds gross, but it was actually good: my sweat wasn’t running into my eyes so I didn’t have any need to reach up and wipe my face with my shirt or my hands. When I have to do that, I inevitably rub some sunscreen off, and – if it’s a long run – I usually come home with a bit of a sunburn.

Here’s the post-run photo. Look closely and you’ll see the sunscreen still hanging on.

 photo 6BA86651_zps23168db0.jpg


So yes, I would recommend Sunology Sunscreen for runners in Texas, or really, anyone who wants sun protection without having to rub unpronounceable chemicals on their face. You can pick it up at their website, and it looks like it can also be found at Amazon. Happy (sun-free) running!

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