It snowed in Texas last night. Behold: Yes, this is what passes for snowfall in Texas. In December, anyway. I love the cold weather, so while everyone else around town was groaning and shivering and massaging their frozen joints – I decided to go out running! It was pretty much just me, one (badass) lady out walking, and several patches of barely frozen ice, which I artfully avoided. Didn’t take any pics, but I looked pretty much the same as… Read more »

I’m in the thick of marathon training, so naturally, my hunger has gone through the roof. And, not so concidentally – so has my weight. OK, it hasn’t gone “through the roof,” but I’ve packed on an extra 5 pounds or so. And with the big race coming up pretty soon, I knew that weight would weigh me down and possibly slow down my finish time. I’m not realistically aiming for a BQ or anything, but I do want to… Read more »

Yes, I’m still running. Yes, I’m still training for a marathon. That’s why I haven’t updated in a while. But first, I wanted to share my newfound love for a product I recently discovered. The folks at Sunology Sunscreen were nice enough to send me some of their product to check out. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that if you’re a runner in Texas, you have to wear some kind of sun protection or you’ll end up… Read more »