So, for my birthday this past January, my husband bought me a pair of wireless earbuds for my birthday. Now, these were Very Expensive earbuds … we’re talking over $100. But, you know, it was my birthday, so I figured it was a nice splurge. And I really enjoyed these earbuds. Until they started to break. First one of the speakers came detached from the unit. Then the button to connect the unit with the phone didn’t work. And so on and so on, until I finally sent them back to the manufacturer for a replacement.

Now, this company made things right and sent me a new pair of wireless earbuds. And I was happy. But I was also a little miffed at the shoddy performance of such an expensive product. That’s why I was excited when I heard about the Jam Transit Wireless Earbuds. At $39.99, they’re a considerably cheaper investment than other similar products, and they seem to perform most of the same functions. And they come in lots of colors! The folks at Jam Audio were nice enough to send a pair for me to try out. Here’s my experience with them.

First Things First
The earbuds come in a nice hard sided case. So far, so good.

 photo CA526D73_zps7fb74266.jpg

Opening the Package
The box was easy enough to open. Upon taking it apart, I found the unit, along with a manual and several different sizes of rubber ear cups – for those of us with exceptionally large or small ear holes, I guess.
 photo FB9BA274_zps63fd26c8.jpg

Power Up
Upon turning on the unit, the light flashes for a few seconds and then stops. The buds came pre-charged, which I appreciated. To pair them with my iPhone, I simply pushed the power button for five seconds until the lights started blinking red and blue.
 photo C7229D55_zps60fe1316.jpg

Then I went to the Settings folder in my iPhone and found the name of the earbuds in the device list. To pair it, I just clicked on it. Easy.
 photo 5E50931D_zpsa83312c8.jpg

The Buttons
There are a few buttons on the outside of one of the buds: One to turn volume up, one to turn it down, and another to play/pause songs. The buttons are easy to distinguish from one another just by touch, which I appreciated.
 photo D30C9FCC_zpscc420914.jpg

A Few Adjustments
The cord that connects the two earbuds was very long – it went down past the back of my neck. Never fear, there’s a clip to squinch them together and make things a little less tangly. Voila!
 photo 61113762_zps61e1729a.jpg

The earbuds came with a little micro USB cord, which I attached to the buds and then plugged into my iPhone charger on the wall. Though they came pre-charged, I wanted to make sure they had plenty of juice. The manual says 3 hours of charging will get you 6 hours of usage time.
 photo 01388B8B_zpsbe921edc.jpg


And Now for the Real Test…
I played around with the earbuds on a Friday afternoon, just listening to music, but I knew the true test of their functionality would be during my long run on Saturday morning. Since it’s still horribly hot here, I got out at about 5:15 a.m. to put in my 8 miles. Here’s me on the trail, wearing my dorky headlamp. Not a great pic, I know.
 photo 5B8A956D_zps0f1b0ef7.jpg

So How Did They Do?
I was very impressed with the fit and sound quality from these earbuds. They did not fall out once, despite copious amounts of sweat emanating from my head and dripping into my ears. I was also able to turn the volume up and down with ease – which was especially nice when I unexpectedly ran into an acquaintance during my run and needed to pause for a second so I could speak. However, I was frustrated because I could not seem to find a way to skip songs mid-run; I ended up just pulling my phone out of my armband a couple of times. Later, I found out (by reading the manual) that there is actually a way to skip songs – you simply hold the “up” volume button for two seconds. Moreover, you can also go backwards by pressing the “down” volume button for two seconds. That’s a function my Very Expensive Earbuds don’t have.

In Conclusion…
I think these earbuds are an awesome product for runners who like to listen to music when they run, but don’t want to deal with the messiness of corded earbuds. They’re also handy when listening to music around the house – the range is something like 30 feet, so you can set your phone on a table and not worry about carting it with you while you walk to the other side of the room. The buds also come with a 1-year limited warranty, so you don’t have to worry about being out money if they go bad just a few weeks in. Check them out right here and buy ’em, if you so choose. I highly recommend them.

Though I cringe to share it, here’s a pic of me, at the end of Saturday’s 8 miles, with the earbuds. I am telling myself that most normal people look like crap after running 8 miles in the August heat.

 photo 245A6A3E_zpse896834a.jpg

Jam Audio sent me a pair of wireless earbuds to try out for this review. I am not employed by Jam Audio and I was not compensated in any other way for this post.

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