perry and simmonsThe Internet – or, at least, my version of the Internet – has been apoplectic for the past couple of days over the Rick Perry indictment. People seem to swing to the far end of one side or another. Awesome, we got him! No, this is bullshit, it’s politically motivated!

I have been, for the most part, silent (though I did “like” the awesome Richard Simmons pic that you see here, mostly just because it’s Richard Simmons). And it’s not because I don’t care, because I certainly do. It’s because we don’t have all the facts yet. Just a few of the things we don’t know:

  • How far had the PIU’s investigation of CPRIT gone when Perry axed the funding?
  • Did Perry really try to offer Lehmberg another, more lucrative job if she’d resign and leave the PIU to a Repub?
  • Why didn’t Perry call for the resignation of other public officials who have been caught driving drunk, like Mike Krusee, Tim Cole, and Naomi Gonzalez?

And I’m sure there’s probably more that I haven’t thought of, because it’s late and I’m tired and the kids are running around upstairs like coked out elephants. Point being: I can’t tell you if it’s bullshit or not. Hopefully this will make it to trial and we will know more then. I think it’s unlikely that Perry will serve hard time a la Don Siegelman, but I also think that this is pretty much going to sink the Rick 4 Prez campaign that he’s been working up. Thank god for small mercies.


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