Hopefully not how I will end my race.

So, I have been wanting to run a marathon for about as long as I have been running. So, about five years. I had big plans to run the Tyler Rose, the Houston Marathon, the Big D … if it was 26.2 and within a few hundred miles, I wanted to run it.

However, dreaming about a marathon and actually doing it are two very different things.

In my early years of running, both my boys were young and their preschool schedules made it hard to knock out training runs of more than five miles or so. Then I ran the Dallas half, and a few halves after that, and then IT band syndrome decided to take up residence in my right leg and never go away. Then, as I was trying to deal with that, I twisted my ankle at Hayden’s birthday party (long story) and ended up spending the next few months playing with resistance bands and antigravity treadmills at physical therapy.

But it’s 2014. And I am probably jinxing myself by saying this, but all the pieces seem to have fallen into place. I have the ankle fixed and the IT band thing taken care of (the key? strength training 3x/week), and my long runs on Saturday have increased from a scant 3 to a sizable 8 (well, it will be 8 this coming weekend). So – with great trepidation – I plan to register for the Dallas Marathon, taking place Dec. 14. That’s the place where I ran my first long-distance race, so it seems fitting that I should go back there for my big to-do.

I’ll be using the Hal Higdon Novice 2 program, since I do have some distance running under my belt. (Seriously, what beginning marathoner hasn’t used Hal Higdon? I think it’s like a rite of passage.) The program calls for me to do a half on or around the week of Oct. 13. I really should run The Showdown, since I can literally walk to the race site, but its killer hills have me worried, so I may target The Colony Half instead.

But enough with the boring, DFW-centric talk. The point is, I’m now officially in training. Here’s to staying injury-free and not losing my mind before December.

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