duhpinningSo, I am on Pinterest. I’m not an influential pinner or anything like that, but I do have this one pin that, as of today, has been repinned 2,853 times. It will go dormant for a while, and then someone will dig it up and it’ll get repinned for a few days. It’s in the middle of one of those “revivals” right now. And every time I see the email notification telling me “Your pin has been repinned!”, I have mixed feelings.

You see, I wrote this a few years ago, right when I was finishing up my hard work on Weight Watchers. I love WW, since it is the program that finally took me from just bitching about my weight to actually shedding it. But the meticulous counting and measuring that comes along with doing WW can really mess with your mind. (There’s a post about this very subject on Food Riot.) I won’t say I went off the deep end, but I did watch the scale obsessively. One pound up from goal? I drastically decreased my food intake for the next few days until the numbers moved back down. Cake? No chance in hell. I can feel those obsessive emotions when I re-read the text in the pin.

In the years that followed my composition of this pin, my attitude changed. I began running enough that I didn’t have to worry about how many ounces of chocolate I had eaten, or how many fries I had stolen off my kids’ plates at Burger King. I started weight training, and the muscles I was rewarded with are like little magical round-the-clock calorie burners. But most importantly, I STOPPED MAKING DAILY SCALE VISITS. I still check in every week or so to make sure things haven’t gone off the rails, but if I’m a few pounds up, I don’t worry. In fact, as of this morning I was 2.5 pounds over goal.

I don’t regret making the pin. And I don’t have plans to delete it. This take-no-prisoners, you’ve-gotta-work-for-it attitude was what kept me going and enabled me to shed the 20 pounds I so desperately needed to remove. Perhaps it will help someone else, too. If I were to make a “words of wisdom” pin today, it would probably say something like, “PRO TIP: Running Now = Hamburgers Later.”

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