The past few weeks have included a trip to New Mexico and a political convention. So, as you can imagine, there hasn’t been much time for blogging. While I figure out how to catch up, I’ll just post the absolutely newest news: Today I became a Tin Man! Early this month, I decided to follow a challenge by oldguyrunning on Instagram, which involved running about 23.3 miles each week in June, for a total of about 93.3.

It was not easy. I was traveling extensively in the second week in June. And for most of the month, I was saddled with summer-vacationing kids all day, which meant I ran many of my miles on the treadmill. But I fought the good fight. I plodded out miles in hotel gyms, woke up early in Albuquerque to hit the streets, and finished up (today!) with a hot-and-humid-as-hell 6.3-mile slog, made all the harder by too much drinking and not enough exercise over the two days prior.

It paid off. This evening, oldguyrunning sent me my finisher’s certificate. Victory is sweet. If you want to play along and participate in July’s challenge, you can sign up at his website.


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