The past few weeks have included a trip to New Mexico and a political convention. So, as you can imagine, there hasn’t been much time for blogging. While I figure out how to catch up, I’ll just post the absolutely newest news: Today I became a Tin Man! Early this month, I decided to follow a challenge by oldguyrunning on Instagram, which involved running about 23.3 miles each week in June, for a total of about 93.3. It was not… Read more »

I’m a bad blog updater. So I’ll keep it pithy: On May 17, I participated in the Lovejoy Country Run. Didn’t place, but I did manage to set a PR, besting my time in the 2013 Allen Eagle Run by 11 seconds:   I’ve also been keeping busy with the kids, who are finishing up their last week of school. We had field day on Friday:                       And, VACATION! I’ll… Read more »