I was very interested to read these dueling opinion columns in Runner’s World about passing people during races. I don’t know why passing people is such a sticky subject for runners, but it is. I’ve always had the opinion that some people are going to be faster than me – and thus will probably pass me – and some are going to be slower, and I’ll probably pass them. That’s the great thing about running: ANYONE can be a runner,… Read more »

Short post: Sam Houston, who’s running for AG – and couldn’t have a better name, amirite? – visited the party office today to visit with Battleground Texas folks. So of course, I came up and took some photos. I wanted to stay longer and get some individual photos of him with my colleagues, but I had to get to the track and squeeze in some miles. So all I could shoot was the little stump speech he gave. So, take… Read more »