Today I transferred my runs from my Garmin and checked out my miles since Sunday. I was surprised to see my weekly mileage total: To many, many runners, this is not a big deal. It would not have been a big deal for me early last year, when I would go out on Saturday and do a 13-miler, then 5- or 6-mile runs the rest of the week. But being injured lowers your standards. A lot. So I was happy… Read more »

I will say, first thing, that I did not have high hopes for my performance at the Trek the Trails 5K in McKinney this past weekend. Some kind of head cold had dragged me down and I had not run for about 4 days when race day rolled around. I still had a good bit of congestion and just was not feeling on top of my game. But, like a good runner (who had paid her entry fee!), I made… Read more »

At this time of year, the weather is absolutely PERFECT in Texas. Breezy, cool in the mornings and evenings, pleasantly warm in the middle of the day. But I always get sad when this weather arrives, because I know that within a few weeks, it will get hotter … and hotter … and hotter, until running outside becomes more of a chore than an enjoyment. I know a lot of runners around here love running in warm weather, but I… Read more »

So last night, I accompanied my husband to a vaguely-work-related type dinner at a very fancy steakhouse in Dallas. In the middle of the meal, it came out that the woman across the table from us was an avid tennis player, so I shared that I was a runner. The other ladies at the table then got interested in our conversation, and asked that question that I get at least once a week: “How do you find the time?” And… Read more »

A few weeks ago, when I was visiting my mother in Alabama, I was on a post-race high and impulsively signed up for the Stonebriar Spring Sprint – not even thinking about the fact that the Fairview Half and 5K, practically in my backyard, was being held the same day. Oh well. So, on April 5 I got in my car, passed all the blocked-off roads in Fairview, and headed over to Frisco for my race. A little backstory. Three… Read more »

Hello all! I’m preparing a race report for the Stonebriar Spring Sprint, but in honor of day’s much-needed rain in DFW, I’m sharing a hill workout that I sometimes use when I’m stuck running on the treadmill. Check it out! I modified this from a plan found on the Runner’s World website.