"Hi Rick, have you changed your mind about being a raging tool?"

“Hi Rick, have you changed your mind about being a raging tool?”

Today I was working at ye olde party office and got a phone call from a gentleman, and it’s been weighing on my mind. Today, of course, is the signup deadline for commie death panel insurance Obamacare and he was trying to arrange things for his father, who is 72 and was not able to sign up for an insurance plan. Why? Because he doesn’t make enough money to afford the premiums, and since our illustrious governor was pigheaded enough to pass up $13 billion in federal aid to expand Medicaid, the father in question was stuck. He’s old enough for Medicare, but since he only became a permanent resident 4 years ago, won’t be eligible for that program for another year.

In short, the gentleman on the phone was trying to file a hardship exemption for his father, but didn’t know which form to use. After giving him the number for the Urban League of Dallas, which has trained Navigators on staff, he thanked me and switched topics. He wanted to know how he would go about volunteering with the Democratic Party, “because you are the ones looking out for Latinos.” I invited him to stop by the office and fill out a volunteer sheet.

It’s tough to describe how I felt after hanging up. On the one hand, I’m sad that there are so many people out there falling into the Medicaid expansion gap, simply because we have a preening asshole for a governor. On the other hand, if this guy is representative of how most Latinos in Texas feel about the Democratic Party…we are in for a big sea change in Texas politics, sooner rather than later.

If they are going to stay afloat, the Texas GOP needs a new strategy. A better one than “Hey, my wife is Latina.”

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