Will work for free pizza and crappy coffee.

1. No, I’m not getting paid to do this. Sadly, Battleground Texas is not issuing me a paycheck. I’m just someone trying to make the state a better place. Hey, would you like to volunteer too?

2. I don’t have life-sized Obama tapestries in my home, but I do have shelves in my closet devoted solely to name tags and convention swag.

3. I actually have friends that are Republicans. And some of them (some!) are damn good people. We just keep the political discourse civil, and to a minimum.

4. Political donations, while absolutely essential, usually just lead to more outfits hitting you up for cash. So research your organizations carefully, decide which ones are most representative of your values, and send your money there. Over and over again.

5. That Democratic congressional candidate running in that super-red district probably won’t win. But we’re going to get him as many votes as we can, because each cycle, we get a little closer. For Democrats in Texas, winning is about the long game, not flipping tons of districts in one cycle.

6. I really don’t want to knock on your door any more than you want to answer it.

7. No, I don’t have the personal phone numbers for Wendy Davis or President Obama. I do, however, have the business cards of 100+ of their interns, field directors, and operations directors. And none of them ever return calls.

8. If you see a group of 5 or more of us working together somewhere, there’s a really, really good chance that at least two of us have screamed at each other in the past 24 hours.

9. We may go on and on about how much we love organizing, but most of us secretly harbor fantasies of being the next Wendy Davis or Julian Castro.

10. Drinks consumed at or near a political convention don’t really count. We’re working, right?

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