It was 40 degrees and damp this morning when I stepped outside for my morning run. A lot of Texas runners prefer sunny weather, but for me, it doesn’t get any better than a “cloudybright” sky, like this:

grayskyAnd I did manage to keep a decent pace. But as I rounded the corner in my neighborhood 3.12 miles in, the mystery pain in my outer right knee struck again. I have been dealing with this pain for a few months now, and actually had to put several runs on ice this year because of it. I thought new shoes would do the trick. Apparently, they haven’t.

In the interest of keeping healthy for this weekend’s 5K, I walked the rest of the way home and am resting Friday. I was hoping a trip to the ortho wasn’t going to be in order, but it’s looking like it will be.

Avg pace: 8:57

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