Today I was working at ye olde party office and got a phone call from a gentleman, and it’s been weighing on my mind. Today, of course, is the signup deadline for commie death panel insurance Obamacare and he was trying to arrange things for his father, who is 72 and was not able to sign up for an insurance plan. Why? Because he doesn’t make enough money to afford the premiums, and since our illustrious governor was pigheaded enough… Read more »

When I first started writing about running, I wasn’t sure how – or if – having a blog would directly benefit my running practice. Well, today I found something that might fill this very hole: Run This Year’s April Instagram Challenge. Every day of the month has a different running “task” for you to complete and share on Instagram. For example, on April 5 I could share a pic of my Garmin, on the 21st I could take a pic… Read more »

1. No, I’m not getting paid to do this. Sadly, Battleground Texas is not issuing me a paycheck. I’m just someone trying to make the state a better place. Hey, would you like to volunteer too? 2. I don’t have life-sized Obama tapestries in my home, but I do have shelves in my closet devoted solely to name tags and convention swag. 3. I actually have friends that are Republicans. And some of them (some!) are damn good people. We… Read more »

So, if you’re a Democrat in Texas, you should have been at your county or senatorial district convention this past weekend. I hope you were. I went to mine. I have the program to prove it. See? I’m not going to say much about it, other than that I became a delegate to this summer’s state convention. I served on the rules committee, which was an exercise in frustration. While I was in the committee meeting, I heard someone performing a… Read more »

Finally! After a week out of town, a full weekend that included a senatorial district convention, and a day of work – I have time to report on my experience with the O’Daly’s Green Dress 5K in Mobile. This was my first out-of-state race this year, and my latest attempt to blithely ignore my persistent IT band syndrome by doing short races, instead of manning up and going to my ortho and getting a script for PT. Isn’t denial wonderful?… Read more »

OK, I will be the first to admit I don’t always bring my own bags to the grocery store. Sometimes they get left in the kitchen after I’m done unpacking groceries and I’m just too damn lazy to put them back in the car. But you know what? I might be a little more disciplined about it if I lived someplace like Austin, where forgetting your bags will cost you a hefty quarter per pop at HEB. Sure, I’d bitch,… Read more »

Some races are so unbelievably kickass and you walk away feeling like some kind of superhero. (For me, that was the Texas Half.) Some races are terrible and you leave vowing to never run again. (See: the Fairview Half.) Others are kind of a wash. And that’s how I would characterize this weekend’s Allen Eagle Run. Last year I got second place in my age group and took home a trophy, so I was looking forward to a two-fer. The… Read more »

I struggle with my running pace. It is probably one of the single biggest obstacles for me. I haven’t really thought about pace in a long time, since it’s been many months since I’ve participated in a formal race. But it popped to the forefront of my consciousness this week, when I decided to turn my normal training run into a dress rehearsal for this weekend’s Allen Eagle Run. I was going at a steady 8:35 pace when I slowed… Read more »

When I was chair of my former county’s Democratic party, way back in ye olde days of 2012, there came a primary. Remember the one, the primary that was supposed to be in March but then maybe it was going to be in April, and then a bunch of courtroom stuff happened, and it ended up being in late May? You remember the one. Anyway, as we were gearing up for that primary I hired a nice young man to… Read more »

It was 40 degrees and damp this morning when I stepped outside for my morning run. A lot of Texas runners prefer sunny weather, but for me, it doesn’t get any better than a “cloudybright” sky, like this: And I did manage to keep a decent pace. But as I rounded the corner in my neighborhood 3.12 miles in, the mystery pain in my outer right knee struck again. I have been dealing with this pain for a few months… Read more »